Eurojam “is coming”

The Eurojam will take place at Raso de la Nava (Covaleda) Soria – España. The camp program will start on Sunday morning the 6th of August (opening ceremony) and will last until Friday night the 11th of August 2017 (closing ceremony).Covaleda Portada

The price for the camp is € 160 per person. This includes camping and meals from dinner on Saturday the 5th to lunch on Saturday the 12th of August 2017. You will be provided with a complete program of activities, water, toilets, first aid, constructing wood, neckerchief, T-shirt and badge (more information can be found on our website For the rovers, an extra fee will be charged for some of the activities. Participants need to organize their own transportation and bring camping materials; make sure health insurance and travel insurance covers are in order.

Covaleda campsite is public but permission from the local authorities is required. We made reservations for Eurojam participants from the 31th of July until the 16th of August 2017. We would be delighted if you stay longer with us in Covaleda.

The extra cost for a stay before and after the Eurojam per person & per night is as follows:

Stay Service Breakfast Lunch Tea & cake Dinner Total
Full day 4,00 1,50 6,00 0,50 4,00 16,00 €
Night + 1,90 1,50 3,40   €
Night + 0,95 6,00 6,95   €
Night + 0,20 0,50 0,70   €
Night + 0,95 4,00 4,95   €

Please follow the link PRE-REGISTRATION menu and fullfil Group information and Number of participants.


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