EUROPE, Citizenship and Rights in the context of programme HORIZON 2020

*Approach. -* The European Union has an appointment which cannot be avoided in 2020.

Its desired related international position as specified in the Horizon 2020 Project is open to debate when it comes to the practical update of its identity, that is:

Europe, the most advanced territory in the Defense of Human Rights, faces the problem of the needful integration of i ;migrants and refugees who have chosen the countries of the Union for their temporary live project, while the situation which caused their exile from their country of origin remains.

It seems clear that the rules and policies put in place in order to achieve this are not sufficient to be acknowledged by the European society.

A culture of human rights needs to be created, which involves not only the public institutions of the countries of the European Union, but also all European social partners and citizens.

And in order to promote this, educational work, training and promotion are essential, especially among European youth and should be developed not only at the level of the school but also in all areas of society itself.

With the aim of contributing to the promotion of this culture of human rights through the training of citizens, we propose to do a Forum of European Youth Encounter in Covaleda (Spain) in August 2017, within the scope of the International Scout Meeting Jamboree 2017, and with special focus on one of the most pressing problems in relation to human rights: the integration of immigrants and refugees in the States of the European Union, especially children and youth.


* Theme. – * More precisely, the topics to be addressed are the following:

  • The education of European youth in the field of human rights.
  • The integration of young immigrants and refugees into the Member States of the Union: policies and practices.
  • How the youth movements can help and collaborate in this integration.


*Organization. – *

The Forum will be composed of a Scientific Committee that will elaborate a base paper for debate. There will be a set dialogue space to present and discuss the base paper led by a coordinator nominated by the Organization of the JAMBOREE 2017. The Forum will have a program divided into sessions:

  1. The Common European Asylum System (CEAS) with regard to children and young people.
  2. The basic principles of the EU for the integration of immigrants and foreigners in 2005 regarding children and youth.
  3. The rights of children in immigration and refugee situations
  4. Assistance to refugees: Assistance to children and youth
  5. The values of a so-called Christian Europe against the challenge of immigration.
  6. Contribution of youth movements and organizations to the integration of immigrants and refugees.

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